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A Wonderful Phrase

Coup d'etat

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Originally I was going to blog about this yesterday, but then the forums went down for a couple hours and I forgot about it.

Anyways, sometime this week, without my noticing it earlier, a coup took place. I was not amused.

You couldn't just let me have one, @Ponytaboi ?

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  1. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    Punctution makes all the difference. *nods* And no, I wasn't a big fan of Dances with Smurfs.
    @In the movies. Forgot who she got with in the books, he wasn't memorable enough. I took this quiz and got Lawful Good.
    You use this defense far too often. :P Was the ride worth it in the end?

    (That's a good thing. I wouldn't be able to each such wonderful artwork. xD)

    Fool, it is the key to unlocking the meaning of life!
    (The kind that was originally supposed to be Scar's son, but then it became apparent that the Juliet to his Romeo would also be his cousin and thus that relation was dropped. And I'm not spoiling what he does, you go watch the movie for yourself. The plot kinda sucks, but it's better than most Disney sequels. And the songs are good too.)

    What else are you good for?

    Updated 19th November 2011 at 04:11 AM by Kakuna Matata
  2. Lumi's Avatar
    I ain't sharing any popcorn. And ya can't do anything about it, for I have body guards. *points to Ingo and Emmet*
  3. Zenax's Avatar
    Because without it, "let's eat, grandpa!" would be come "let's eat grandpa!".
    @We never got to see him in the books, actually, all we know is the he writes science books or something like that. This quiz was lying. >:T Can't really say I'm surprised at getting Neutral. That's the alignment I was using when I played D&D.
    Maybe this sanity isn't as temporary as I thought, then. I'm guessing it was fun, but since I lost them on the first loop I was more focused on "dammit, my glasses!" than the ride itself, so I can't really say.

    (Not only that, it probably would be awkward biting the head of a Togepi. x_x)

    The meaning of life has already been found, missy. It's 42.
    (Their family is more... not complicated, but well thought than you'd expect for a movie like that, though it adds some depths to the characters so I'm not complaining.
    It's on my to-watch list, so I'll watch it eventually.)

    I showed you how the mention tags work! :D

    @She who likes zee pink While they're there, ask them to make us a sandwich, kthx.
  4. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    Yes, and I for one do not support cannibalism. Because who can be happy just eating ham for the rest of their life?
    @Aaaah, I just knew it wasn't a major character. Clearly I just lied to get that answer to give people a false sense of security whilst around me. Wat kind of Neutral? True Neutral? And I never actually played that game, I was just linked to that quiz.
    Next time either wear contacts or duct tape the glasses to your head.

    (Never a good idea to eat bad eggs. :x)

    That's just the decoy answer, put in place for people to find, so that they do not discover the true meaning: taka.
    (More in-depth, in terms of supplying us with members and fleshing some of said members out [and by some I mean the males cuz they sexist. :B], we'll say. And yeah, I'm not complaining either, it's nice to see things like that in a story.

    I could just as easily say I learned it myself. Like anyone would believe a burning pony told me.

    @Popcorn hoarder who won't share 'cause of her hoarding problem that should get checked out by a specialist because this popcorn could end up burying you alive if you hoard too much of it and DEAR ARCEUS SHARE IT IF YOU WANT TO LIIIIIIVE!!! DDD: It's good you brought them along, I prefer subs to popcorn.
  5. Zenax's Avatar
    What, you don't like ham & cheese sandwiches? They're awesome. :T
    @She should've ended with Neville, most of the fandom would've rejoiced I think. That wouldn't surprise me coming from you, considering your previous shenanigans. Yep, Neutral Neutral. Maybe Neutral Good would be more fitting, though. The game is fun, but only if you are with a competent Dungeon Master. Otherwise it gets boring real quick.
    I don't think I can have contacts, sadly, so I'll have to rely on the second option.

    (Especially since they truly are Arceus eggs.)

    Now that we know, who will hunt us down? They'll have to wait behind a few people before they'll get their turn.
    (In-depth, that's what I was searching for. That's what I thought when I was watching Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3. They all brought a nice addition to the cast and some changes.à0

    This is Pokémon, flaming ponies are the norm around here. :B
  6. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    I do, but I wouldn't want to eat them everyday for the rest of my life.
    @It's best to go with the movie version in this case. I can't remember who Neville ended up with in the books either. I am a saint like Regigigas. True Neutral? I can't think of that without thinking of this. xD
    Wynaut? Astigmatism?

    (Or evil eggs bent on world domination.)

    You know, them.
    (Prime examples of sequels not sucking~)

    So is lack of logic. :B
  7. Zenax's Avatar
    You could always switch to hamsters afterward, it would make a nice break.
    @Wasn't it Hannah something? My memory is a bit foggy on the matter. You're covered with moss? That's not hygienic at all. Would you look at the like/dislike ration. xD
    Nah, only good ol' myopia, but there's this area in the bottom of my glasses where I must look whenever I'm looking at something close. I've been told there are contacts with those too, but my optometrist never heard of it.

    (At least Bug-types attacks are 4x effective against the Grass/Psychic dual type.)

    Do you mean... those guys? Over there with the rocket launcher? In the living room?
    (I never really disliked a sequel just because it's one. Or maybe my standards in movies are just low.)

    Pokémon is full of logic. Just look at the anime.
  8. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    But hamsters are cute, I couldn't eat them.
    @Google turns up Hannah Abbott, a fellow Huffpuff. Saint in spirit, not in appearance. :P The viewers are doing a good job at maintaining that bar. xD
    Bleh, sucks.

    (I want a Grass/Psychic peacock next gen.)

    No, not them. How could you even think I meant them? (They should be back in the hidden room behind the painting ala RE4 [4:25]. Bastards nearly took me out on a couple of playthroughs.) I meant them them.
    (Me either, in my experience they just tend to suck more. Whereas in videogames, they tend to be better in terms of game mechanics. There's always exceptions though.)

    Indeed. A great example of this is the first DP opening. "HEY GAIS LET'S GO CLIMB A PINE TREE AND LAY IN IT"
    Or how 'bout bubbles --> explosions.
  9. Zenax's Avatar
    You could go and try Hamsterdam's fine cuisine, then.
    @Yeah, that's the gal. Didn't remember she was in this house, though, I thought she was in Gryffindor. The patron saint of janitors, yes. Nothing else. Not just that one. Most videos featuring those neutral people have this bar.
    Indeed. :/

    (It could work as a much needed evolution to Farfetch'd.)

    Because you always refer to strange people, so I assumed it was the men in black aiming at us with those rocket launchers. (This looks surprisingly fun for a game featuring zombies and guns.) Them them aren't much more precise than these these or those those.
    (The developers usually have time to improve their games with new stuff meanwhile, so it's to be expected. They can't really improve movies like that.)

    That's perfectly logic. Who never climbed a tree for the sole purpose of laying in it?
    Perfect obedience of the laws of physic right there.
  10. farewell, friend's Avatar
    You guys are still having a conversation here? xD It's a blog post, y'know, let it die :p
    This is what you have profiles for.

    Carry on.
  11. Kakuna Matata's Avatar, just like I wouldn't go to Peru for fried guinea pig.

    @Guess not. Huh. Not that it really matters much. Sometimes I feel like one at work. ~_~ Amazing how messy a department can get after a day. Very dedicated Futurama fans, all I can say. xD

    (That's what I thought too! It shall be named Poppycock, to go with the theme of being "way out there".)

    Well you're just stoopid then. Honestly, thinking I was referring to them when I was clearly speaking of them. (Surprisingly?
    That game was my first serious venture into the RE franchise, and has become one of my favorite videogames of all time. The Wii version of aiming was certainly welcomed, even if you could master the idea of running and shooting at the same time. And even if it did set the franchise on a turn for the worst, imo, Leon was hawt. And badass, even more so after unlocking the mob outfit and the machine gun with unlimited ammo why yes I lack a life, what gave me away? And then he had to go and be all dumb in the CGI movie that's set a year after said game. :/) It is too, your case of stoopid is just too severe. >:(
    (This is a truth. They both have base material to work from though. Better chance of raking in the dough when you're dealing with a title that has already bee a hit compared to starting with something new. That's why we have some many sequels in the first place.)

    You, because you lack the necessary features to do so.
    A poprock + soda attack would be much more logical.

    Quote Originally Posted by farewell, friend
    You guys are still having a conversation here? xD It's a blog post, y'know, let it die :p
    This is what you have profiles for.

    Carry on.
    I reject your notion of a blog post and substitute it with my own.
    We are visionaries for expanding it to the frontier of blogs we are~

    Can do @ma'am who recently went back to farewell, friend, can do. <('_') (<-- that's a salute btw, not an oddly-placed penguin.)
  12. Zenax's Avatar
    Ah, well. Can't blame you for not trying this kind of cuisine when there's stuff like that out there. :x

    @Indeed, indeed. Understandable if you still work in the candy department. Although I try to be not too much of a jerk and actually pick up the stuff I drop when I go there. Dedicated indeed, if they have the courage to take on all those trolls out there.

    (Great minds think alike~ And you could dress it in an Uncle Sam outfit and make it sing Queen songs, while you're at it.)

    Please forgive this ignorant pony.
    (Yeah, I'm not usually a fan of games with guns. I suck way too much at those.
    I've seen one of my friend play the one on the Wii and it looked a bit... not creepy, but dark. Maybe it was just where he was in the game, though. And the inability to run and shoot at the same time looked like a real pain. Most of the game looks hard for someone who has no aim, though.
    How was the movie? I know a few people who saw it and the opinions are very diversified.) Not my fault, I was serving it to you. >:(
    (And people are most likely to go watch something if it's the sequel to something they liked in the first place, in hope of it being as good as the first one. The problem is that there is more room for disappointment. [The Hangover 2 comes to mind for that, although I liked it as much as the first one. Most people I know who saw both didn't like the sequel though.] But that doesn't prevent movies to come out of nowhere and rack up awards, like James Cameron's Avatar did.)

    No need to rub it in, last time I tried to climb a tree I got a scar on my hand. :(
    You could almost go to space with enough of these.
  13. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    My culture and upbringing have taught me to avoid eating animals we keep as pets, and the majority of seafood.
    I mean, if I had no other options, I'd probably eat it, but with all the choices available to me I'd rather not.

    @Looks like this segment of the conversation ran out of steam. Indeed, place is a dumping ground. Jackets do not belong with the frosted pretzels people. >:/
    But I digress, I am not always the most courteous when shopping myself. After I started working in retail I shaped up quite a bit, but still, yesterday I didn't make my sister go back and pick up her box of candy she left in the movie theater after we were walking down the hallway to the exit. Damn thing was probably barely eaten too. She's lucky we snuck that in instead of paying for it there for an outrageous price.
    Trolls are just normal people taking advantage of GIFT.

    (But we already have an American bird. The Queen songs wouldn't be a bad idea though.)

    All is forgiven...if you pay the right price.
    (Depends on the setting and genre of the game, along with if it has multiplayer.
    There were parts that were pretty dark. The game takes place over the course of two days, so when it's nighttime it's going to be darker. And then there are sections where you're in dark rooms. The first time playing in the part that's all foggy and dark is sorta scary, because you're stuck playing as Ashley and Leon never bothered to give her a knife or gun to defend herself. So then you're running away from the suits of armor that came to life and are trying to hack you to bits while obtaining part of a key. Good fun, good fun, but seriously Leon, no weapons for this girl? The hell? It doesn't make sense in-storywise. :/
    It was and then in a way, it wasn't. I can recall having trouble aiming in other games and then moving to fast backwards to aim properly. So Idk, I got used to it and it was fine, it jus didn' make sense why you couldn't do it.
    It was better than the life action ones (or maybe on the same level as the first LA one, I thought that one was decent, albeit introducing new characters when you had plenty to use from the games.)
    (Yep yep. Ah, you mean Dances with Smurfs. It looked great, but I didn't care much for the story.)

    Ouch. Was it a big one?
    I'm surprised TR hasn't used that in a scheme of theirs yet.
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