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A Wonderful Phrase

Coup d'etat

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Originally I was going to blog about this yesterday, but then the forums went down for a couple hours and I forgot about it.

Anyways, sometime this week, without my noticing it earlier, a coup took place. I was not amused.

You couldn't just let me have one, @Ponytaboi ?

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  1. Zenax's Avatar
    @Definitely a regular Kakuna with a tie You know what's more bawse? Dominic.
    You have two pairs of eyes? That's new.

    Temporary insanity it is, then. There's no way I'd say something like that. (You're just rubbing it in for those poor 'Mons who have no say on the matter. >:V)

    Yes, exactly like that. Though I think it'll take a while before we'll beat the comment record we got on the original Kakunatus Matatus.

    And how exactly can a Muggle use magic?
    Updated 18th November 2011 at 03:07 AM by Zenax (Silly fingers, learn to type.)
  2. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    @Pony who is just jealous that he can't wear a tie because of his flaming mane They're equally bawse, imho.
    Har har. :B I got two to have one as a back-up.

    This plea is gong to be as successful as Scott Falater claiming he was sleepwalking when he stabbed his wife over 40 times. :B (How can I do that when I have no hands to rub it in with?)

    We could probably do that within a day. xD

    Duh, with more magic!
  3. Zenax's Avatar
    @Cheeselandian who will most likely end up in a cheesy wonderland If by "they're equally" you mean "The latter is much more", then yes.
    Somewhat clever, although the price would be a bit limiting on the matter.

    What, you mean he wasn't? Also, the quote of this page comes to mind. (With magic, of course.)

    But do you have a free day to do that?

    Of course, what was I thinking. >_<
  4. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    @Pony who is in a winter wonderland nearly year round because he thought seceding from the mainland and moving to the arctic was a "good" move You Canadians sure have odd definitions for words...
    We had a discount.

    (Not surprised that response was thrown back at me. xD)

    I will in a month and two days for sure.

    Trick question: You weren't thinking at all! :U
  5. Karisse's Avatar
    ...the heck am I reading? ._.
  6. TheCapsFan's Avatar
    @Both Of You
    But technically they aren't wallposts because you guys aren't quoting each other.
  7. TheCapsFan's Avatar
    @Both Of You
    But technically they aren't wallposts because you guys aren't quoting each other.
  8. Space Opera's Avatar
    Zenax needs more tags.
  9. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    @Haipah A blog! :D

    @Cappy Thou doth protest too much. ;D

    @Claudandus This is the worst idea evar. >:(
  10. Space Opera's Avatar
    Claudandus? :'3
  11. Zenax's Avatar
    @A snowflake who ironically blames me for living in a winter wonderland Are you implying something there?
    How much did it cost in total?

    (You deserved it, for the number of time you used it. :D)

    We'll be free to try then.

    Ya got me. Being in a coma and all, I can't think. :V

    @Sonic under an Hyper disguise A new district of Wallpostopolis. :D

    @Cappy the Cappiest Caps Fan Seems like your soul isn't burned enough if you can still come here and tell us to stop building our dream city. :(

    @Claude Pluie I agree. :3
  12. Lumi's Avatar
  13. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    @Claude Rains It's the name of the Hitler!Cat from the movie Felidae. Your new name made me remember it.

    @KM is snowflake now wah? No, what on earth would make you think that?
    Less than $200.


    Yep yep.
    Just one month, and then...

    Don't blame it on the coma. :p

    @My dad named Felix Betch you better be sharing some o' that popcorn if you brought it in here. And Emmet help me if I find any crumbs afterward. >:1
  14. Zenax's Avatar
    @So it seems Must've been a dysfunction of my Pony-Sense. Stupid thing keeps going on for no reason.
    That's a sweet discount you got there. :o

    (Can I win more than pi points now?)

    And then we'll turn into blue smiley and go "taka taka taka taka" all day.

    I'm running short on stuff to blame. >:V

    @Luma What the cocoon said. Share or I'mma be mad. >:(
  15. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    @KM could probably pass for one being as white as she is. xD Yet another thing to ask about on your next Pokécenter visit.

    (Pi^2 ?)

    ( Fun fact: That was supposedly Scar of TLK fame's birth name.)

    Whose fault is that? (And don't say 'coma' or 'KM' either. :p)
  16. Zenax's Avatar
    I've seen the message before you changed Zenax for this. I feel like a ninja.
    @You're not that white from what I recall of the pictures you've posted. :P Beside this small detail, I am a perfectly healthy and sane pony. :T
    That's half the cost of mine, actually.

    (Greedy. >:/)

    Courtesy of Urban Dictionary: The noise that is made when typing obnoxiously loud on a computer keyboard.
    (TLK fame?)

    Logically, it would be yours, because you're the one forcing me to blame other people. But for this situation, I'll blame Cress.
    Updated 19th November 2011 at 12:47 AM by Zenax (Stop missing those keys, hooves.)
  17. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    Has there been a ninja!pony on FiM yet?
    @ I'm like Luna Lovegood white. xD Yeah, keep telling yourself that, until your malfunctioning pony-sense gets you into some serious trouble.
    You got some expensive glasses there. o.o What happens if you break them?

    (Not a pi fan?)

    Hmmm, never heard it called that before.
    (The Lion King. :P See here for why he changed his name to Scar.)

    You can't blame him, he's practically blind in one eye!
  18. Zenax's Avatar
    The closest you'd get to that is the parasprites. Which are neither ninja or pony.
    @Luna's the best Harry Potter character, be grateful. :3 I'll just go and ask my sis to get me out of there if something happens.
    Indeed, that's how awful my eyesight is, ;-; I'd be screwed, probably. These one I paid myself since I lost the old pair in a roller coaster.

    (Cake usually tastes better.)

    Probably not a popular onomatopoeia. You learn something new every day, I guess.
    (Ah, lol. That's an interesting back story, though I assumed they just gave him a scar to be cooler/more in character with his name.)

    And that's exactly why I can and will blame him. Poor guy is too poor for a haircut.
  19. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    Thing reminds me of Navi.
    @Harry y u no end up with Luna again? :< What if your sis has the character alignment of Lawful Good?
    ...what made you think wearing glasses on a roller coaster was a good idea? xD

    (I like cupcakes better than both. Smaller portions, little holder to make it more mobile and less messy.)

    Why do I pay to go to school again when I can just learn stuff on here?
    (I'm pretty sure that was written after TLK came out. Once it brought in the dough Disney decided to cash in and milk it by creating more backstory and merchandise for it. Not that I'm complaining about the backstory, explains why Scar had one of the two English names in the story. And then a few years down the line we got another character named Scar in the second movie via Kovu, though his name comes from an African language to better fit with the rest of the cast.)

    How can he be poor when he and his bros run a host club?
    Updated 19th November 2011 at 02:54 AM by Kakuna Matata (Stupid laptop keys can make capitalizing tricky. :/)
  20. Zenax's Avatar
    At first I thought you were referencing at the Na'vi from James Cameron's Avatar and was wondering how the hell you'd get to that. xD
    @Because Luna had to end up with the BAMF instead. I find this claim very unlikely, especially if you are the sis we're talking about.
    I, uh... blame temporary insanity. xD It was really stupid on my part.

    (Can't argue with that. Sadly, most cupcakes don't look like those.)

    Because knowing that "taka taka taka" is the sound you make by typing on a keyboard won't take you far in life, maybe.
    (If the same thing didn't happen for another particular series, we both wouldn't be chatting on here right now. :P
    I still haven't watched the second movie, though that Kovu looks... worse than Scar. :o What kind of villain is he?)

    He must be the younger brother. We always end up being exploited.
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