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AFC Playoff Predictions

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Time to ramble about football more, here's some predictions I have based on team's current records and games to come:

1-Patriots 12-4, the pats have to play 3 playoff contenders in their next 4 weeks, chances are it's a 50-50 split.

2-Steelers 12-4, easier opponents coming up, but the steelers lost to the Patriots in the regular season, so they sound off at #2.

3-Kansas City Chiefs 10-6, the Chiefs suprised a lot of people this season and may do it again in the playoffs. As the Chiefs are still young and may be somewhat of a fluke, they could easily lose to San Diego, Tennessee, St. Louis, or Oakland, their next four opponents.

4-Indianapolis Colts 10-6. The colts are going to win their next four games, if they want to take the division, but with Peyton Manning at the helm and a team of talented young players and vets, there's a good chance they'll run the table.

5-Baltimore Ravens 11-5. The Ravens are a team that will do big things in the playoffs. They have to play the Texans and the Saints in the two coming weeks, so a loss may be accumulated there, but it won't stop them from playing in January.

6-New York Jets 10-6. Even though they just endured a thrashing from the Patriots, the Jets are still a talented team that is sitting pretty at 9-3. They have to play some strong teams in the next 4 games, but the Jets will be able to scratch out at least 1 win.

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  1. Nekusagi's Avatar
    Problem is half the Colts are sidelined now.
  2. Nelly's Avatar
    Honestly, I don't see the Chiefs losing at home (having the best home-field advantage in the NFL and all...), and certainly don't see them losing both of their road games... in fact, they could very-well go 12-4. Their chance of winning their upcoming game against the Chargers is quite dependent on whether Matt Cassel can play, though... (For the record, I may be a Chiefs fan, but I do consider myself a realistic one. Based on the way they have been playing, they could easily win the rest of the season).
  3. Valkyria's Avatar
    Damn, people actually comment on this thing?
    It seems I underestimated my hometown team, and lol@ Jaguars megachoke.


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