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  1. AFC Playoff Predictions

    Time to ramble about football more, here's some predictions I have based on team's current records and games to come:

    1-Patriots 12-4, the pats have to play 3 playoff contenders in their next 4 weeks, chances are it's a 50-50 split.

    2-Steelers 12-4, easier opponents coming up, but the steelers lost to the Patriots in the regular season, so they sound off at #2.

    3-Kansas City Chiefs 10-6, the Chiefs suprised a lot of people this season and ...
  2. Fire the Rifles

    ...The New England Patriots have destroyed the Jets, 45-3. To be honest, Mark Sanchez looked like a joke, but nowhere near the fool Rex Ryan made of himself with that challenge on an obvious first down, which may have been useful on Tate's skeptical touchdown. Yes, this was monday, but I didn't know we had free blogs until today.