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The Miniryu

Black Nuzlocke

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by , 18th March 2011 at 05:34 PM (292 Views)
Nuvema Town

I choose Snivy. (Will name Smugleaf)
Lets fight Bianca! Pwned.
My room! oh noes!
Cheren VS. Me! Ooo! A Piggy! Let's Pwn it! Accomplished Pwnation. Ooo level up!
Blah, blah, blah...Cross-Transceiver... oh, pidoves! Bianca's dad yelling... Hey its Prof. Juniper! Nicknames snivy smugleaf.... oooo... pokedex! Should've answered no... oh well... now I leave. Mapz!! Yay! Takes first step. Yay.

Route 1

Juniper caught a Patrat. Kewl. Ooo Pokeballs! They're Shiny!! Patrat encounter! Level 3? Oh well... Scout joined the party! Goes back to house to heal... Time to grind! Scout died. 1 level over plus leer plus tackle. Dang it! Level up on Snivy! Yay Vine Whip! Waits for rustling grass... boring... Lillipup... still on route one... KILL IT!! Won! Patrat. EZ. Won. Time to release scout...

Accumula Town
Pokemon center tutorial..
Buries Scout...
Oooo! Store! Two Pokeballs Plz! 400 Dollars? Oh well... Team Pwazma! Oh my Arceus! Everyone leaves... except a green haired guy... oh it's N.
BATTLE!!! Level up go Smugleaf!! I win! Healin' up... To Route 2!

Route 2

I got a call.. Mom! Hey Mom in the flesh! Runnin Shoes! Yay! Lillipup! Must... Catch.. York joined the party! Beat Youngster Jimmy and S.L. Leveled up.

Accumla Town


Route 2

Vs. Lass Mali! Win! York levels up!

Will add on have to get off now!

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