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Thanks everyone!

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by , 30th June 2013 at 08:18 PM (189 Views)
I'm over a month late, but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday :) You guys are awesome.

@Dark Kyriaki
@The Great Intelligence
@Trainer Gabriel

I hope I'm doing this mention thing correctly. Anyway, exams are finally over, so I'll be more active than I was during the school year.

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  1. Trainer Gabriel's Avatar
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    You're welcome! :)
  2. Doctor Who's Avatar
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    You're very welcome! :P
  3. Jack Pschitt's Avatar
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    Ah, crap, did I remember to do that? I've never been good with birthdays. Consider this my extremely-late-just-in-case-I-forgot-on-the-day-itself happy birthday wish. :I
  4. Venom's Avatar
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    You're very welcome and yay no more school for you. No more teachers, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks. XD
    Updated 1st July 2013 at 12:02 PM by Venom


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