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  1. It snowed this morning

    WTF Canada.

    I remember that time it hailed in June once.

    It's also my brother's 5th birthday. I'm going to teach him how to play the piano ^^
  2. Midterm report card coming up

    DUN DUN DUN DUN, I can't stand the wait!

    I'm getting into sudokus again. I might try doing them with pen :)
  3. Giant bug on the wall in front of me.

    Yeah. I'm naming it Sally.

    Also, I suck so bad at the Patrat show at Marvelous Bridge. I failed it like eight times in a row. Holy crap.
  4. Stuff saved on this computer

    I haven't been on this computer in a while, and I was looking at some of the things saved in "My Pictures". A sampling (some of the pics are a tad big, sorry about that):

  5. 10 Days Meme: Day 2

    Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

    1. The only four-legged Pokémon I have ever trained are Torterra and Luxray.

    2. I attempted to do a reality check with my watch during a dream a few nights ago. Unfortunately, I wasn't wearing my watch in the dream (or in real life, for that matter)

    3. I never ever get bored during the summer

    4. I'm a big time-waster

    5. This morning I realized I forgot to finish my sketchbook drawing ...
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