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  1. Best Wishes! Revised [Long post]

    So yeah. I've long been thinking of a ideas for a anime series based on Generation V that's more faithful to the games and makes Ash a better trainer. I already kind of planned out the plot of the 146 or so episodes that make up the series (many episodes and elements would be the same as the actual TV show) but everything is subject to change.

    - The beginning of the series of would kind of be the same. I would like Zekrom to be revived from the Dark Stone from the games but I wouldn't ...
  2. Randomly Banned from Toonzone

    I logged onto my Toonzone account yesterday, to get this message:


    I don't go on the site very often, and I post even less. I can't think of anything I might have said or done to get this, this has to be some kind or hack or an error. But since this post is all I see while I'm logged on I can't actually do anything about it. This is ridiculous.
  3. Black and White 2

    Those games have made me want to re-play all my old games. Too bad my 3-year old cousin misplaced my White. I got a Reshiram with less than ideal stats, so I wanted to re-start Black, but I have nothing to trade them over too. This is what I get for being nice. Why is he being allowed to play video games anyway...?

    I could buy a new one, but I wanna save up money, and I made a lot of progress on White anyway...
  4. Desired anime teams, I guess

    I just found this fanfic-y old episode guide I made for the Unova saga. The teams I had for each person by Ash's 5th badge was really crazy. I kinda updated it, but these are the teams I'd want now...

    - Pikachu
    - Snivy
    - Dewott
    - Pignite
    - Scraggy
    - Tranquil
    - Deino
    - Palpitoad

    - Axew -> Fraxure [would evolve at Dragonspiral Tower]
    - Excadrill
    - Emolga
    - Archen
  5. First Blog!

    Finally! I don't even know why I made this.