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  1. Poke Progress

    Ironically, I finally found my Diamond pack- just in time for the Mew Wi-Fi event (even though yeah it was for SS/HG). So I restarted my Soul Silver finally and I got to do something I've always wanted to do- play through a game with a Mew in my starter team. Like my first SS team, this team is really so-so... I'll have to get some TMs for my team soon.

    Personally, I'm blaming all the stupid HMs- theres too many to even have a HM Lackey.

    I also finally got my tinnie ...
  2. Kind of progress.

    I checked my game time last night, I'm now up to 29 hours. Not bad considering I started playing Platinum on the 25th last month.

    Of course, I'm not very happy with my team.... Loli was traded back and forth from my hubby's Pearl game and now she's an Alakazam and hates me. :( I think she got pissed because I traded her for a Bidoof (but then who wouldn't be?).

    My team is more or less put together, although we do horribly with ice. It made Candice a pain to deal with. ...
  3. ...but we knew this already.

    Which Pokemon are you?

    My Results:

    You are Magikarp!

    ...not the sharpest knife in the draw...

    (Or, "I swear once I evolve I will kill all of you"... or however it goes. I saw some cool kids at Anime Expo with those shirts... and a dude dressed as Brock, Geodude and all. I need to go to more cons).
  4. Pokemon dreams...

    (This blog entry is a couple days old... left it in the draft folder too long, oops).

    So yesterday I had two differnt Pokemon dreams last night... both with psychic Pokemon.

    The first one was during an hour long nap I ended up taking yesterday, I was in a school hallway with limited light and a Kadabra was there. I wasn't afraid, but almost as soon as I saw it, the phone rang. So yeah, that's all to that one.

    The second one was from my actual ...
  5. Zounds

    Tonight I poked my old Red,Silver and Crystal cartrides.

    The Crystal and Silver didn't have the save files anymore, but the Red, that I played 170 hours (one at 99 max, and a new file at 80 something) still works! Good times, good memmories. I'm so happy it's still there, I just wish I could save them before the battery goes out. :{

    I didn't poke it any more after that... too much creepypasta.
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