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Gah I feel old

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Holy frick it took me until now to realize that I've had an account here for four years. Over the time I went from being a newbie loser to this...whatever I am now. Went from being a cis male to being progressively trans* lady, found out there was more than just boy-girl love, hopped into more different fandoms/whatever you wanna call them and went from being one who copied the animus art style to like, some horrible cartoony abomination and many many more things. I hope change is for the better at least. I'm almost out of high school too only one more year gosh too much has changed over them four years. @_@

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  1. Polyrhythm's Avatar
    I've been here 4 years too!
    Even forum wise, it's weird to look at my old posts. I'm in 12th grade now and joined back in late 8th. I was so immature back then, I cringe at some of my older antics xD
  2. Chibster's Avatar
    I've been here for 4 years, as well! I"m currently in 11th and joined back in 2010, so I joined when I was still in 7th grade. Sometimes I don't like thinking back, because I'm happy that I've matured. :)
  3. boondockArtist's Avatar
    @rainbow yeeeeaaah same here it's like I see my old threads and posts and I just want to jump back in time and slap the crap out of younger me.
    and yay glad I'm not the only one


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