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A Theory About Hydreigon

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by , 3rd February 2013 at 11:40 PM (1647 Views)
I've always thought it was puzzling how Deino goes from having one sentient head to two sentient heads to one sentient head and two non-functioning ones. It's rather nightmarish in hindsight; what happens to Zweilous's second head once it evolves into Hydreigon? Hell, what is it like for Deino to gain that head in the first place? I was having a conversation with a few of my friends about Hydreigon's anatomy (specifically how its secondary heads function, and whether or not they're able to breathe or swallow) when I came up with a bit of a theory involving Zweilous's evolution into Hydreigon. It doesn't cover why it gains heads when it evolves; rather, it explains why Hydreigon doesn't have three dominant heads (which would make the most sense, considering the path of its previous evolutions). I proposed that Hydreigon originally had three fully-functioning heads, but over time the species lost them due to natural selection. It is stated that Zweilous's two heads are aggressive towards each other, so it can be inferred that Hydreigon would be the same way. However, this could be fatal considering Hydreigon's strength and brutality. If Hydreigon's three heads were to get into a disagreement, it would be a fight to the death. This naturally made Hydreigon a very unsuccessful Pokémon. The Hydreigon we know today came to be as a result of a mutation. Perhaps a number of specimens developed incorrectly when evolving from Zweilous, resulting in two of their heads becoming deformed and "non-functioning". As these Hydreigon didn't have two other sentient heads to compete with, they didn't end up killing themselves. The three-headed Hydreigon became less common as they gradually drove themselves to extinction, and after a number of generations they completely disappeared from the gene pool. While these Hydreigon died out, the mutant ones thrived and continued to produce mutant offspring, successfully reestablishing the population.

Eh, I dunno. It was just a thought.

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    Sounds like a plausible theory to me. If all three heads were still functional, Hydreigon most likely would've gone extinct by the time of Black and White due to its brutal nature.


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