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Alas, Poor Spider

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When I was doing my geometry homework at lunch, I spotted a small shape crawling along the edge of the table. I quickly realized that it was a beige spider, a little smaller than a quarter. It was creeping towards Liz, the girl sitting at the other side of the table, so I told her, "There's a spider." I showed it to her, and we watched as it turned around and dangled from the middle of the end of the table. Liz's friend, Jenna, got out of her seat to look at it, and when she went back to sit down, she freaked out because she thought the spider had attached its thread to her leg. My friend, Michelle, made the spider go onto her pencil and brought it onto the table. It decided to walk past her and head towards a girl named Monika, who is afraid of spiders. She started screaming, so Michelle picked it up again and carried it over to a window. Before she got there, the spider jumped onto the ground. As soon as it hit the floor, a boy ran up to it, raised his leg, and stomped on it as hard as he could. We all stared at what was left of the small beige creature, laughing nervously. "Well," said Michelle, "that was anticlimactic." It was pretty depressing. Just seconds ago, we had been peacefully observing the spider going about its life, and then it was dead. If it was poisonous or dangerous, then I suppose it would've been justified, but it wasn't hurting anybody. I don't understand why people have to be so disrespectful to nature, spiders in particular. They're very fascinating creatures, and it's a real shame that most people hate or fear them.

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