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WTF Short-term Memory Loss

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So, here I was, being elated now that I'd found a cafe just downstairs which doesn't charge you for anything at all besides drinks and food (mean free Wi-fi). When I'd found (via this very site, of course), that the Mew event had already started, I grabbed my DS right then and there and gave a short 2-minute to said cafe, and viola, the Mew was mine. After about 3-4 resets to get one with decent stats (still couldn't be bothered for one with "Outstanding Potential!!", though, because both the first two came out "decent all around"), I'd equipped the items I felt like transferring to my Pearl game (HG is too full for me to keep that Mew), and (of course) given the fodder Pokemon to trade Mew (and one of my less desirable Quilavas), all was going well... until I took a Masterball off one of the fodders and tried to take the Calcium off a crappy Abra... [I]forgetting[/I] in the process that I just de-equipped the MB off a fodder, and so I had Mew weaken a Bidoof, gave said fucker another Masterball, and went in the union room to trade it again...

And only then did I realize I didn't make a mistake.

Worst 5-minute waste of my time ever.

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  1. Noivern's Avatar
    Perhaps keeping notes and such would have made this not happen.
  2. Mintaka's Avatar
    ...gah, quite confusing. I read over this twice and it still confuses me. Jarooda is right...memo is the best option here.
  3. Kenshi's Avatar
    Yeah, short-term MS still blows. My writing can get jargonistic at times, though, that I'll admit.