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Ugh, what a hectic "pre-noon."

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by , 18th August 2010 at 10:30 PM (628 Views)
Fuck, I'm really starting to consider ripping my so-called grandmom's sack of organs right out and crushing it all into powder.

Not only was I only able to take one AP, I've also gotten just a 4 thanks to the goddamn first essay question I majorly screwed over. Then, she comes in my room, disconnects my laptop, saying that since the screen was black (hur hur), she figured it was turned off. I'm not actually surprised by her faggot-assed stupidity and lack of knowledge, but to come in the room she fucking [I]made me[/I] move into and... and...

That's not even the worst part. I saw that my computer was turned off, reconnected it right away (goddamn you, that shitty OMG!!! animu on TV), and you know what? The whole wireless network's down. So I had to call up the company that freakin' sold me this clunky ass piece of shit a year ago and attempt to work things out. Disconnected the wireless adapter thing I don't know what to call, gave him the serial numbers of both my 'top and the wireless router after lifting them up in my incredibly humid, Korea-weather-stricken room with a phone in my right hand, nothing.

So I spoke with him for like half an hour, and it's now 12:29, and still, the only way I can get my net to work is by manually connecting the phone cable. Whoopee, after an hour of tries.

My. Family. Is. Full. Of. Faggots.

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  1. Vaexa's Avatar
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    Riveting tale chap.
  2. Steven's Avatar
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    I don't know what standards you've set for yourself...

    ..Let yourself breathe a bit. A 4 is just fine.
  3. mini-chan's Avatar
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    It's OK, all old people are faggots because they think technology is useless. Just calm down, buy some plush toys, then take ur anger out on them.