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Kinda Minor Rant Here.

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So I wake up at 7:50 AM and try to get back to sleep (these days it's not too rare for me to sleep until 11:00 AM), only to be disturbed by my granddad shouting like shit at the incompetent moron I have to call a dad. I decide I've had it about an hour later, step outside, and some [I]genuine[/I] thanks go to the fact that that bastard is already gone. Breakfast was shit, nothing good to watch, time for sum Bulbagarden. I continue reaving a path through my unique brand of wits and humor, until the old motherfucker decides he randomly has the urge to eat cow beef with soup, and the nearest one is out of the city.

Naturally, because being a bumbling moron doesn't seem to be a recessive trait in my family, he goes the wrong way about 4 times and we end up there almost an hour late, at around 2:00 PM. We get back and he now has a predisposition to wasting time at the car wash. I'd refuse, but he hasn't let me even [I]touch[/I] the handle since I got my license 9 months ago, so we have to put up with that, [I]and[/I] he wants a bunch of retarded dudes from some 3rd world country clean the insides of the car. Moar rage.

By the time this extensive cleansing of the car's aura is halfway finished, I decide now [I]I've[/I] got the urge to do something, and punch a curtain to let some of the angst out... except it's not made of cloth. Oh, and it's a tent with at least 4 steel "monuments" stuck inside. Ouch. So, as I type this about 15 minutes later, my knuckles have scrapes all over them, and two of my fingers have lolouchies I'll be cursing at with the most sincere of expletives for the next 9 days.


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  1. Catilena1890's Avatar
    I am so sorry to hear that. It sounds like your grandad has a bit of Dementia going on there. It sounds so much like you're going through the same thing I am with my mom. She screams at inanimate objects, she yells at our dog like she can understand her, she makes inconsiderate demands constantly, and she wakes me and dad up at stupid hours in the night for dumb reasons, like a coat is on the floor or she just wants to talk.

    I`d hug you if I could, I know what you're going through. If you need someone to talk to, I`m here :)
  2. Kenshi's Avatar
    Man, if my mom hadn't attempted (and succeeded, once) to incarcerate me with a pending order to be detained for months, your mom would look like the bitch. Glad to hear someone feels some sympathy for this stupid-ass excuse for a day I've been having.

    Also, another kick in the waist in Kenshi's domain: My computer has begun randomly blacking out and reloading at inopportune moments again, after about a month or two I was glad to be rid of that.