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If I've EVER had a reason to be extremely pissed, this'd be it.

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Geez, how the hell did this happen? So a couple of weeks ago, I go and log onto my Hotmail account upon being notified on Messenger that I have a new mail. Normally I wouldn't have ever paid the slightest amount of attention to this kind of crap, but a few days before that I tried signing up on the Pokemon.com Global Link, and the hotmail account, being one of my most used email addresses (and I have forged a [I]lot[/I] of them over the years, mind you), was one of the emails I set to receive shit on... all because the fuckers were far too incompetent to even sort registration data straight and let me access the account I painstakingly filled more than a compendium of information on to create.

Ohhh boy, you do [I]not[/I] want me to go further, now, would you? [s]You got your wish[/s] Here it comes. Among the emails that I racked up in my absence was some notification mail crap. And what's more... it's from the Windows Live team. So I almost gulp, click the link, and find that they're notifying Windows Hotmail users that they're deleting unused email accounts to make room for some idiot crap they're brandishing all over the place, and if you don't write in your username, password, and a multitude of other things, your account will be just one of many unfortunate souls to bite the dust. I crack up, look around, and crack up again, at the thought of someone actually having the nerve to ask for my email address [I]and[/I] password, regardless of their intention... and telling me to send the mail right to 'em. But, eventually I caved to the thought of my 3-year old email address getting canned, and by some [I]bizarre[/I] twist of fate decide to give it to 'em.

Fast-foward a few weeks, and whattayaknow, the account's still up, but every time I type in my password, it tells me "I've typed in the wrong password" and even gives me one of those images with the 6 or 7 distorted characters in them to verify my "legitimacy." And when that fails about 4 dozen times, I go in to retrieve my password and, if possible, Falcon punch the fucker who went and sabotaged my damn account with that fake confirmation mail... and the asinine fuckers [I]still[/I] have my secondary email address set on something I registered on Yahoo with 6 years ago (and, needless to say, is long dead), making that option a no-no. The others are bonk'd, too, given that I either have to type in "my mother's birthplace" (which I know I just wrote some obscene crap I'd forget in a milisecond for), or go and ask for my password to be reset on the "Windows Live Solution Center" altogether... and what's more... THE MOTHERFUCKERS ASK FOR WHAT RECENT EMAILS YOU SENT (hint: the one I lost my password with was the only one in months), amongst a horde of useless things I have absolutely no recollection of (nor any [I]intent[/I] to even remember).

So, yeah, there goes my hotmail account, and my WL Messenger goes and hits the junkyard with it, too.

One word: [B][I][SIZE="7"]FUUUUUCK![/SIZE][/I][/B]

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Updated 8th May 2011 at 12:53 AM by Kenshi



  1. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
  2. Noivern's Avatar
    KENSHI! That email from "Windows Live Team" is actually spam! Windows Live will NEVER ask for your password in an email. I think you just made your email insecure. You need to report that your account's compromised.
  3. Kenshi's Avatar
    Yeah, it somehow got past the spam detectors, so I was fucked in the head enough that I ended up sending it in. I don't know who to want to shoot more, though, them for their hijacking or me for being stupid enough to believe no spam could ever break in through my firewalls. >_>
  4. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    NEVER EVER give your password when one of those emails arrives.
  5. Kenshi's Avatar
    Well, I've gotten the account back, thankfully basically intact. Well, it would be [I]perfectly[/I] fine if he hadn't tampered with it a little, but evidently he's sent at least one spam mail asking for money from a contact of mine, and he might have "spoken" to my Messenger friends in my absence.

    Again, fuck. If I could track him down and explode him from the inside, I'd pay you all the money in town for it.