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Pokescience: Venusaur

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by , 19th October 2013 at 06:42 AM (1038 Views)
So basically I was reading through my entire Science book for giggles and lols when I wondered how Pokemon work. Some come across as no-brainers, such as how certain Pokemon can use certain attacks, others more tricky, such as how, for instance, Alakazam can possibly remember everything it's ever known.

In any case, I'm starting with a nice and easy one, Venusaur, the Seed Pokemon!

Being one of the earliest Pokemon, Venusaur has a lot of Pokedex entries.
Most of them either reference the fact that Venusaur has a humongous flower on it's back or that it often sunbathes to get energy. This is fairly straightforward. The sunbathing is clearly Venusaur photosynthesizing in order to get energy. The flower on it's back resembles a Raffelsia arnoldii, a plant famous for smelling like a dead body. Venusaur can learn many moves including Synthesis, Solar Beam and various Powder Moves.

And now for Science! The part that interests me the most is the whole synthesising thing. In my opinion, Venusaur, and many other Pokemon, have hybrid animal-plant cells. This means that each of it's cells would contain Chloroplasts. These are little green things you'd find in plant cells which allow it to carry out Photosynthesis, the transformation of sun energy to plant food. This would explain the fact that A) Most Grass Types are Green (chlorophyll, the chemical produced by chloroplasts, is a green pigment) and B) Synthesis heals HP (it's like having an unlimited supply of Oran Berries!)
There's also that Venusaur's DW ability is Chlorophyll, practically confirming the theory.

The presence of the flower on Venusaur's back doesn't need much explaining. It started out as a bud on Bulbasaur's back, started sprouting on Ivysaur before fully blooming as Venusaur. But what is it's purpose? If Venusaur has chloroplasts in it's cells, it certainly wouldn't need a big humongous flowerexcept maybe to direct the light into one area. But then why does it smell so sweet? Maybe it's for mating purposes? Flowers in real life are nice smelling and such so as to attract insects to spread it's pollen to another flower, but that's only because flowers don't move. Big old Venusaur can certainly gallop a couple of meters to another Venusaur to spread it's seeds.
So let's read the Pokedex a little. One of the most common entries is:
"After a rainy day, the flower on its back smells stronger. The scent attracts other Pokémon."

Now then. Let's look directly at Venusaur to solve why on earth this big lug needs to attract other Pokemon. More specifically, it's mouth. Filled with canine teeth. Perfect for ripping flesh. Oh sweet God it's attracting the smaller Pokemon so that it can eat them. It's giving them a sweet aroma for them to come looking for in hopes of dinner, and then it freaking rips their head off and has Pika-stew. The reason it smells stronger after a rainy day, I suppose, is because it wasn't able to get enough sunlight to make it's own food that day and needed to attract prey instead.

So, after ruining your childhood friend Pokemon with the blinding power of science, I hope you'll like the page and suggest the next one I do!

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  1. Mister Insufferable's Avatar
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    Also, his name references Venus Fly Traps, a carnivorous plant. So there's another piece of evidence that Venusaur is a murder.
  2. Ravioko's Avatar
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    Wow, this was actually really cool! :D
    As much as I'd love to see Blastoise, there isn't much that can be done with it. Maybe Meganium?


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