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  1. Pokescience: Pikachu

    Ciao friends! After a long, long time of doing stuff that nobody cares about, I have returned to the world wide web to try explain a Pokemon in fake sciencey words. After determining that Venusaur murders baby Pokemon and Meganium makes you high in my previous two Pokescience Blogs, I've decided to try explain Pokemon's arguably annoying little Mascot, Pikachu!

    Being a Pokemon from the original games, Pikachu ...
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  2. Ho Ho Ho You're all getting socks for Christmas

    Hello friends! I'm just mucking about a bit, and I decided it'd be nice if I popped in to visit the forums again. I haven't been doing very much in real life aside from lying down and humming a bit on the sofa, so I figured I might as well come back to BMGF again and actually talk to people who aren't imagined up and stuff. Anyhow, expect to see me around a bit more!

    ...out of pure curiosity does anyone actually remember me? ;_;
  3. Cleverbot is a tsundre joker who requests to be buried in the snow with a spoon

    User: Cleverbot, tell me a joke.

    Cleverbot: I enjoy your company.

    User: ;_; No Cleverbot a question and answer joke.

    Cleverbot: Oh I see, that makes sense now.

    User: So, tell me your best joke!

    Cleverbot: Joke?

    User: Joke. Yes, like Why did the Chicken Cross The Road?

    Cleverbot: To get to the chicken shop?

    User: Why would he even need to go to the chicken shop?

    Cleverbot: ...
  4. How to not look like a "rite eejit" on St. Patrick's Day

    Dia Daoibh, lads! Derry here, one of Ireland's locals who generally spends Saint Patrick's Day ranting about This kind of nonsense to avoid offending Irish people, but this time around, I've decided; maybe, rather than telling them what not to do, telling them what to do instead will work! I promptly set to work on revising my old list of DON'TS and making a new list of DO'S. So here they be!

    - Say Top o' the mornin'. I swear to god this is the one thing I'll never ...
  5. It's as if we don't like looking pretty

    I'm sorry but look at how much more stuff is available for female trainers when it comes to trainer customization. There's nearly twice as much. Maybe in the real world some of us don't care about how we look but in the Pokemon world? Different story, sister. *snaps fingers in the air a couple of times angrily*
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