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Deep Space

WatcHOG rant.

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So, I'm sure we've all seen this guy's sad face:

and he is the topic of this entry.
Let me just point a few reasons why he's hate worthy.

1. The annoying resident rat
2. The definition of ugly.
3. Stares down at you.
4. Literally, he's a hog.
5. Sentret line ripoff.

This, it's prevo, and Confagrigus's prevo are top 3 on my list of most shitty Gen V pokemon.

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  1. ghaskan's Avatar
    But I like it. ;(
  2. SharKing's Avatar
    6. Annoys the hell out of you at the second Gym.
    7. Can't be seriously used at all on Wi-Fi.
  3. ChinYao's Avatar
    The tail makes me think it's got a glove on it... like it's ready to slap you in the face 0_o...
  4. Rakarei's Avatar
  5. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    One plus to it is that it makes a perfect Timon for my (lame) Lion King theme. :3


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