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Something happened today...

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by , 26th August 2010 at 12:29 PM (233 Views)
So I was training my selfdestruct munchlax against a gloom. Its attacks kept missing until the last turn of the battle, when it poisonpowdered me. Then munchlax started to evolve, and it gained Immunity...

I took a picture on my dsi but of course i can't show it...

anyway, that was interesting, and the munchlax i caught 2 months ago has come a long way!

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  1. The Outrage's Avatar
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    Changing abilities isn't something unheard of when the Pokemon gained a new ability between generations and it was transferred.

    Though I'd assume your Munchlax had Pick Up since that's the ability that's Munchlax exclusive.

    I haven't caught a good asplodin' munchlax.
  2. Steven's Avatar
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    I think what he's getting at is that he has a poisoned Snorlax with the Immunity ability. Or else it flew right over his head and he'll notice it and surprise himself sometime soon...

    It's just quite the humorous occasion, really! ;D 'I'll never wash this hand again!' kind of thing.
  3. Shiny Staraptor's Avatar
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    Hikaru-kun summed it up.


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