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  1. LOL moment

    i was looking through IGN and found Super Scribblenauts. I am really excited for the game, but I found out something else.
    I originally thought we (as in Ireland)
    got it on the 29th along with the UK, but we actually get it on the 12th, while the UK gets it on the last day of the year!

    Just 9 days to go!!
  2. Hey... I just realized

    It's serebii's 10th anniversery!
    I just saw in the news archive that
    The first news post was created in september 2000!
  3. Random stuff

    This blog entry is about the phrase "what if?".

    What if has so many meanings, depending on what you link it to in a sentence.
    There are people who hold back from chances that only happen once in a lifetime because of the phrase "What if?".

    "What if I fall from the empire state building? What if an assasin kills me for winning this stuff?"

    See what I mean? What if can make people do stuff.

    Although WPM ...
  4. I scratched myself...

    but its not as good as I'd hoped.

    This took about 20 mins.

    EDIT: took down the image

    Updated 4th October 2010 at 01:47 PM by Shiny Staraptor

  5. First licky made today!!

    this is pretty straight foward:

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