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  1. Eew.

    Seriously, WTF is up with that guys face? Its creepy
  2. Wow.

    There are like 16000 articles on bulbapedia, right?
    I clicked random page, and it came up as jolteon, who has quick feet for a dream world ability.
    I clicked random page again, an it comes up as quick feet O.o
  3. My scribblenauts challenge

    Ok, this tuesday Super Scribblenauts is coming out here (I think it is anyway, might be the 29th)
    so I thought, I should really finish all the levels in the first one.
    I already completed all the levels, but you need to finish them 3 times to count them as truly finished.
    So far, i've completed worlds 10, 1, 2,
    and 3. I'm half way through 4!

    Update: I'm nearly finished 6, just 3 more to go!

    I'm now on world 9, which I like to call "hell" ...

    Updated 11th October 2010 at 01:01 PM by Shiny Staraptor

  4. This is wierd...

    Ok so I was in the BA against spinda just there. It was his last poke.

    CPU (Rotom) used Charge Beam!
    It missed!
    The foe's Spinda used Faint Attack!
    It's super effective!
    CPU used Charge Beam!
    It missed!
    Foe's Spinda used Faint Attack!
    CPU fainted!
    Go Weavile!
    Weavile is tightening its focus!
    Foe's Spinda used Drain Punch!
    Weavile fainted!
    Go Noctowl!
    Looks like I'm gonna ...
  5. Even LOLier moment

    A few days ago I found out my friend in another school was forced to listen to a rap called school is cool...
    It's alright, but definitly not
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