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Nonsense of a Fashion Wannabe

You have to love the outragoues, foul mouthed, gaga obsessed but lovable and stylish yorkshire lass.
You just hate to love me :loopy:

Clothes and jewellery should be startling, individual. When you see a woman in my clothes, you want to know more about them. To me, that is what distinguishes good designers from bad designers.
[B]Alexander McQueen[/B]

I'm a Free Bitch Baby
[B]Lady Gaga[/B]

  1. My Avatar and Usertitle

    I have a new idea.
    My avatar and usertitle (that thing under your username) will change evrytime for my new favourite current song. Obiously I'll have my favourite song ever but my current favourite song is a new song at the moment which I really like.

    I'll make a list of my current songs;

    [COLOR=black]7th October - 10th October : [B]The TingTings - Hands[/B][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=black]11th October -15th October: [B]Paloma Faith - Upside Down[/B][/COLOR] ...

    Updated 24th November 2011 at 06:13 PM by Milo†icgirl McQüeen

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