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Nonsense of a Fashion Wannabe

You have to love the outragoues, foul mouthed, gaga obsessed but lovable and stylish yorkshire lass.
You just hate to love me :loopy:

Clothes and jewellery should be startling, individual. When you see a woman in my clothes, you want to know more about them. To me, that is what distinguishes good designers from bad designers.
[B]Alexander McQueen[/B]

I'm a Free Bitch Baby
[B]Lady Gaga[/B]

  1. I want YOUR help

    So now that my blog can be clicked on people....miracle, I'm deciding to change that top bit on my blog homepage. Bored of it. Not copying somebody's blog but I want quotes from you or sayings that are witty or even clever or just describe me.

    I quite like this one

    All hail the (Mc)Qüeeen

    So yeah.....all your comments are appreciated.
  2. Blogging after a while

    Been a while since I blogged seriously.

    I just want everyone to know about a certain upcoming chapter in HiPS fic.

    I don't want to go on for too long but he is the first person to make me cry on Bulba. Now I don't want to hype it up and everyone reacts differently but I seriously cried and felt aww moments at the beginning.

    Parts when attention to detail were given made me melt and then when the later on bit came I cried. Honestly did.....I'm crying thinking ...
  3. How effing hot can he be?

    God this is soo funny...and dumb Zoey, I wouldn't turn down that offer xD


  4. BTMCPATEOTC Winner's Story

    Season 1 is complete. But we can’t end it without a little extra for all the fans of the blog series. That’s why I have created “The Winners Story”.

    Hide in Plain Sight. American university student and all round charmer is the first and current champion of BTMCPATEOTC.

    His performance in the competition was good enough to get him to the final and finally allow him to win. Now here is the interview with your winner, Hide in Plain Sight.

    [QUOTE][B]Firstly ...
  5. I quite like this to be honest.

    Wierd I quite like this.

    It's catchy and actually really easy to listen to and sing along with. Considering it's not [I]that [/I]mainstream, wierd xD

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