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Grannys back!!!

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I'm loving it tbh. Damn this over commercial song xD It's just so catchy and blagh xD The video is another thing

Supposedly clean version but still spoiler it for homoeroticism


So yeah one word....PHWAOR XD Fucking hell the guy is hot. It's true when they say all the best looking guys are gay.

I just found it slightly cheap but still really good. Just a tad annoyed by the Alejandro comparisons and the over gay shoved in your face. She's sort of trying to claim back her fanbase that she thinks shes lost. Come on Madge, its good an all but try something else. Why not lesbians xD It is Girl Gone Wild after all.

Either way loving this and dammmn them male them heels better then Madonna lol.

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  1. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    Oh, she still got it. And she should know that there's enough room in her fans hearts for both her and Gaga.