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Nonsense of a Fashion Wannabe

You have to love the outragoues, foul mouthed, gaga obsessed but lovable and stylish yorkshire lass.
You just hate to love me :loopy:

Clothes and jewellery should be startling, individual. When you see a woman in my clothes, you want to know more about them. To me, that is what distinguishes good designers from bad designers.
[B]Alexander McQueen[/B]

I'm a Free Bitch Baby
[B]Lady Gaga[/B]

  1. Goodbye for now

    Well you guys, the time has come, it was great meeting you guys again. I want this to be short and quick farewell so hopefully you’ll see me again. One friend suggested once a month at least, I don’t know if that sounds too much but hopefully see you after the exams.

    Farewell, lots of love Miloticgirl McQueen

    Special tribute to @Goldenrod Girl ;

    Spoilered for older content

    [28/04/2012 22:51:36] Len the Jaden: nuuuuu ...
  2. Remember this bitch...

    Vas happenin everyone, I bet you’re shocked to see me here.

    Ok, besides the rubbish greeting I’m so excited to be on. I actually have been online all day, but on Skype talking with some of the Bulbagardeners. I kept convincing myself that I shouldn’t come on Bulbagarden as it took me a long bloody time to finally get unattached to Bulbagarden.

    You see the first few days I was still attached to everyone and I did visit the forum. I stalked the forums, comments ...
  3. Goodbye Bulbagarden...

    This may be the end…

    I usually hate those people who make blogs like “I should leave” etc. for attention but I promise you this isn’t one of them. I have come to a decision that even though I have loved Bulbagarden since the very first moment I joined. I’ve had couple of rough times, but all that is overshadowed by the immense fun I’ve had on these forums.

    But that’s the thing. I’ve had too much fun. I’ve had so many nights with you guys, staying up ...
  4. NEW NAME!!!


    Basically yes I’ve changed my name to Girl Gone Wild. It has no symbols or fancy things so you can rape me with mentions lol xD

    God it feels weird having a normal name….I don’t feel myself xD I’m a bad girl anyway lol….;)
  5. Grannys back!!!

    I'm loving it tbh. Damn this over commercial song xD It's just so catchy and blagh xD The video is another thing

    Supposedly clean version but still spoiler it for homoeroticism


    So yeah one word....PHWAOR XD Fucking hell the guy is hot. It's true when they say all the best looking guys are gay.

    I just found it slightly cheap but still really good. Just a tad ...
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