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Small thought

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by , 27th November 2010 at 09:47 PM (247 Views)
Watching the DP series, both dubbed and subbed versions, has made me think of something. When comparing Dawn's dubbed voice to the original version, both the choice of words and tone of voice used seems harsher.

When it comes to the words used it might just be up to limitations when the translation must be lip synced but the voice is different. There are times when in the original version Dawn sounds desperate, in the dub she sounds angry or annoyed. Or when she in the dub sounds smug instead of happy as in the original.

It might not seem like anything but it does make a difference in how you perceive her character.
Small thought for late night animé watching.

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  1. Insanish Danish's Avatar
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    I really, REALLY prefer her Japanese voice to her dub voice.
  2. nattfly's Avatar
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    Snails are faster than me! >_< But I agree with you the subbed version is much better!

    Iris is the other way around for me though. The original version's voice grates a bit on my ears.
    Updated 3rd August 2011 at 03:16 PM by nattfly


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