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Best Wishes, Ash's pokemon so far..

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1. Pidove
2. Oshawott
3. Tepig
4. Snivy
5. Scraggy
6. Sewaddle

That's the pokemon we have so far, unless something happened in ep 21, if so don't tell me since I haven't seen it yet. ^^

About the starters. Since this is supposed to be a reform of the whole anime, as well as the game, I more or less expected Ash to get the three starters. No surprises there.

Now let's start from the top then:

Number one Pidove!
Really, WHY Pidove? I know it's a good thing to have a flying pokemon in you team but WHY Pidove?? Why not a Woobat, Vullaby or Archen? At least that way Ash would have a pokemon that could use psychic, dark or rock type moves as well as flying type moves. And hey, way more interesting than Pidove as well. Why call on a Pidove when you can call on Vullaby or Woobat? Or why not Emolga, sure it's an electric pokemon but hey, it can fly! And it's not Pidgey in a new costume. Hopefully it will at least learn some interesting moves!

Number two Oshawott!
I actually like Oshawott! Basing a pokemon on a samuraj/warrior is an awsome idea. Giving Oshawott a sword to battle with was a stroke of genius! It might not seem like a big deal but to me it changes the whole way I view the battle. Since it changes the way Oshawott do battle. If all goes well the writers will let him evolve at least one time. I DO NOT want another totodile or squirtle!

Number three Tepig!
Well if he gets to evolve things might get interesting since Pignite seems a whole lot more fun. But right now there's not much to say. If it learned something like yawn or maybe rollout it might get a wee bit better but.... evolveevolveevolveevolveevolveevolveevolveevolve!

Number four Snivy!
*bows deeply before the writers* I am so so grateful that you gave Snivy the move attract! AND that Ash actually USES it!! Thank you! Whine whip is preferred before razor leaf so that is also something I'm grateful for. I would actually like to see Snivy evolve, mainly because I'm pretty sure Ash has never had a snake pokemon before.

Number five Scraggy!
Have Ash had a dark pokemon before? Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure he hasn't. And the combination between fighting and dark is pretty darn fun! If the writers handle him correctly having a pokemon that can use both types of attacks can make for awsome battling! So long as he gets stronger that is ^^;

Number six Sewaddle!
Well.. ok. As long as Sewaddle's fourth move is a toxic one.. and drop the razor leaf please. PLEASE! I know he's half grass but damnit bugs are supposed to sting and bite and poison you! Not throw leaves at you! So, any move is ok as long as it's not a grass move. Or hey why not protect or any defensive move for once? Also Sewaddle should evolve into Swadloon because it's the coolest bug I've ever seen!

Little note on Pikachu.
There have been electric pokemon who can change the direction of their attacks. Why was it never tried with Pikachu? Instead of learning Electro Ball, Pikachu could learn to direct his Thunder around corners. THAT would be useful!

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  1. Keldora Dragon's Avatar
    Pidove is the Pidgey of Unova. Ash always catches the regional birds when he gets to a new region (Swellow, Starly, Noctowl.)
  2. nattfly's Avatar
    Agreed but at least Tailow had personality and Starling eventually evolved into Staraptor which had fighting type moves. Pidove will always be Pidove no matter how many times it evolves.. -_-


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