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  1. Yes, keep it going like this!

    Ash is using his pokemon! All of them! He's not just catching them and stowing them away but he's actually using them all! I was afraid that, when he caught his seventh pokemon, he would just use "the usual ones" at hand and leave the rest with the professor. But he's actually switching them around pretty good! Applauds to the writers, lets keep it up! *crosses fingers*
  2. Best Wishes, Ash's pokemon so far..

    1. Pidove
    2. Oshawott
    3. Tepig
    4. Snivy
    5. Scraggy
    6. Sewaddle

    That's the pokemon we have so far, unless something happened in ep 21, if so don't tell me since I haven't seen it yet. ^^

    About the starters. Since this is supposed to be a reform of the whole anime, as well as the game, I more or less expected Ash to get the three starters. No surprises there.

    Now let's start from the top then:

    Number one ...
  3. Small thought

    Watching the DP series, both dubbed and subbed versions, has made me think of something. When comparing Dawn's dubbed voice to the original version, both the choice of words and tone of voice used seems harsher.

    When it comes to the words used it might just be up to limitations when the translation must be lip synced but the voice is different. There are times when in the original version Dawn sounds desperate, in the dub she sounds angry or annoyed. Or when she in the dub sounds ...

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