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Blac Aderr II

My Brush With Notoriety

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It happened in 2001-ish I think... or maybe it was 2002. Back when I was a budding PokéFan, at any rate.
I was in Thailand, visiting family, and we had all gone down to Pattaya for a few days at the beach.
It was mid-afternoon, and we had turned on the TV. So you can imagine what came on.
Yep. Pokémon. I specifically remember thinking, "Hey, I like this show!" and plopping myself down in front of the tube to watch.
Unfortunately, it was all in Thai, so I didn't really get what was going on. I still tried my best to follow, though.
I watched as Ash and Co. encountered a rather bad-tempered man with a certain liking for firearms and the Dratini family. I watched as Team Rocket subjected him to a weird tickling machine. And then I watched as Ash and Pikachu saved the day yet again, winning the respect of the initially grumpy old guy and his elongated friends, one of whom had a rather distinct marking upon its brow. Then I watched as the closing credits rolled to Meowth singing and playing the guitar. I was satisfied.
After (or perhaps before, I can't remember) that, I saw one of the last episodes of Digimon Adventure (either the battle with Apocalymon and his crest-destroying tendencies or Piedmon and his keychain-related powers; I know I saw them both, just not when), and then an episode of Dragon Ball (Bulma and Goku were in a city, I think?). So I was an extremely happy camper.
Years later, I stumble upon Wikipedia (or it might have even been Bulbapedia) and find a list of Pokémon anime episodes that weren't aired in the US. Intrigued, I click upon said list. What do I find?
The very same episode I had seen all those years before and never seen again.
I had unwittingly stumbled upon one of the anime's biggest stateside secrets, apparently. Go figure.

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