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Blac Aderr II

[9:53:53 PM] The Man of Constant Sorrow: Liam, you are too pretty tobe one of my ladies.
[10:21:06 PM] HiPS: you make hitler look like mother teresa
More acclaim to come!

  1. My Brush With Notoriety

    It happened in 2001-ish I think... or maybe it was 2002. Back when I was a budding PokéFan, at any rate.
    I was in Thailand, visiting family, and we had all gone down to Pattaya for a few days at the beach.
    It was mid-afternoon, and we had turned on the TV. So you can imagine what came on.
    Yep. Pokémon. I specifically remember thinking, "Hey, I like this show!" and plopping myself down in front of the tube to watch.
    Unfortunately, it was all in Thai, so I didn't ...
  2. Pokémon Gen V - A dream come true

    I am going to say something I had never expected to say about Gen V:
    This could very well be my favorite Generation.
    Well, for starters, the Pokémon designs are fantastic. I know I'm gonna piss off a lot of people by saying that, but I believe it to be true.
    But that's not my main reason.
    My biggest reason for loving Gen V is the fact that, for the first time ever, the Pokémon world feels truly alive.
    The games possessing this quality is something ...
  3. Chuckizard

    Before you're put off by this entry's bizarre title and premise, let me explain how the idea behind it began. A while ago, I had a very brief discussion with Envoy, regarding Charizard. Envoy, as you may very well know, despises the big lizard with a passion. The reason he hates Charizard is because Charizard really isn't all that great, technically speaking (it's true, whether you like it or not), but commands the unconditional devotion of countless individuals, causing technically superior Pokémon ...
  4. Should I make the leap to Best Wishes?

    So yeah. This is my first blog post, and I'd thought I'd use it to ask a question that I've been pondering for some time.
    Let me explain myself first. I am not, currently, a fan of the Pokémon anime. I was once, but I cannot say I am any more. I watched the original series faithfully. I actually enjoyed the Orange Islands, and I still don't get why people loathe Tracey so much. But some time after Ash fell to Harrison and set out to explore Hoenn alone, I started to lose interest in the ...
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