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Pokemon Black and White

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by , 25th March 2011 at 12:46 AM (330 Views)
Ive played every Pokemon game since Red and Blue, and while these games are great graphically, and are a good change of pace from the previous games. But i just do not get the step back in game play, or the lack of depth of Pokemon.

I know there were a ton of side areas in the new games in order to beef up ones levels but i do not get the rather linear game play. I mean u have 8 gyms in the first 9 routes, u cant even reach half the region without beating the elite four. And that half of the region is then overstuffed with previous generation pokemon. So much for new region start over. This was perhaps the easiest of all the games to beat the elites and champions twice.

Next is the pokemon. There were a ton of great pokemon created, with awesome new type combinations (drk/stl, ghst/wtr, bug/elc) and incredible designs. But i feel this region is stuffed with overused triple stage evolutions. pokemon who look and sound ridiculous (garbage bag, ice cream). if they truely wanted to stick with there no old pokemon statement they should have enlarged the region and added 50 or more other species of pokemon.

Not to say i didnt enjoy playing them, because i really did. but if u placed this among the previous games its my opinion that these games are by far the easiest to play.

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  1. Mitsuru's Avatar
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    The routes are extremely condensed this time around, so your argument about the 8 gyms within the first 9 routes doesn't hold water, and Marvelous Bridge to Route 16 is not half the region.
    It may be stuffed with previous generation Pokémon, but, once again, your argument has no value.

    And that half of the region is then overstuffed with previous generation pokemon. So much for new region start over.
    You're implying that it's not a complete region start over, which is very, very wrong. Once you complete the main storyline, (which is fantastic, complete with Fridge Brilliance,) "new" Pokémon are obtainable. Admittedly, it's odd that they're in a far-off region like Unova, but they're also very rare Pokémon.

    Personally, I'm tired of this "poorly-designed Pokémon" argument, which is usually brought on by the inept and ignorant. In reality, many of the Generation I designs were bland and flat-out sucked. There have been lame ideas like Garbage and Ice Cream Pokémon since the series's inception.

    Enlarging the region just means more Pokémon battles. And you also fail to realize that they've added more Pokémon in this Generation than they have in any other singular one, exceeding Generation 1, which had 151 Pokémon. They didn't need to add any more Pokémon. Besides, it takes a long time to design them.
  2. TheMissingno.'s Avatar
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    The gym battles have always been linear. The game has always followed a simple formula: Beat first few gyms while learning about the evil organization, eventually have to backtrack to a previous city to foil evil organization's plot, finish beating gyms, beat E4. This game is no different.
  3. sontoriginyu's Avatar
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    the game was overly simplistic in the way you couldnt stray to do ur own thing each new area was directly in line with the next. the previous gens u could travel around the region before u could finally take part in the next stage of the game.
    there was no way u could do anything but walk straight through the game. i lost one time my first time through the game and that was my first match with the normal gym. i remember losing time after time in the previous games just in order to beat the next gyms. it was just so condensed that almost everything on the right side of the map was unavailable till after the first time thru the elite 4.
  4. Mitsuru's Avatar
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    You could, technically, get through most of the badge gates before taking on the eighth Gym Leader and you could go to the area west of Route 1 after getting Surf. But yes, the game was too linear in design and I enjoyed the option of an adventure without being "spoon-fed".


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