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  1. Rate the Bugs Through the Years part three

    sorry for the wait been really busy
    today im doing three pokemon scyther and scizor and pinsir. they will all be judged individually even though two are related.

    Scyther: no doubt about it is my favorite pokemon bug or otherwise. its mean looking and is based off a cool creature to begin with. its on the upper tier of speed and attack for bugs. and again like all first and second gen pokemon he was shafted by the lack of bug type moves.
    and until x scissor couldnt learn ...
  2. Rate the Bugs Through the Years part two

    Weedle/ Kakuna/ Beedrill
    Another look into the original bug roster brings us the original bonafide poison/bug combo. In the beginning i shied away from them because it was all about a harder to get safari bug for me. But with the awkward looking bugs that came out in later years and the creation of x-scissor and incredible poison moves to add to it. up till Escavalier he had his own move in twinneedle. His stats are rather mundane thanks to being one of the firsts. he has a slick intimidating ...

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  3. Rate the Bugs Through the Years

    I Liked what rusty shackleford had done with the fighting pokemon that i decided to do it with the bug pokemon.
    This happens to be my favorite type of pokemon and i hope u all give me your take as well.
    I will be going in order for the most part and will bring a new one up at least once a week if not twice depending how i feel.

    So lets kick things off with the original bugs caterpie, metapod,and butterfree.
    Who doesnt love these originals, easy to catch easy ...
  4. Pokemon Black and White

    Ive played every Pokemon game since Red and Blue, and while these games are great graphically, and are a good change of pace from the previous games. But i just do not get the step back in game play, or the lack of depth of Pokemon.

    I know there were a ton of side areas in the new games in order to beef up ones levels but i do not get the rather linear game play. I mean u have 8 gyms in the first 9 routes, u cant even reach half the region without beating the elite four. And that ...