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This category is for my blogs about life (usually my own xD).

  1. Layers? Sounds creepy...

    - Name: Franklin.
    - Eye Color: Brown.
    - Hair Style/Color: Straight, long, black.
    - Height: 5'7
    - Clothing style: Jeans, shorts, t-shirts, polos. Fancy wear every now and then.
    - Best physical feature: Complexion? xD

    - Your fears: Ghosts, roaches, losing contact with friends.
    - Your guilty pleasure: Food.
    - Your biggest pet peeve: How easily people can hate one another.
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  2. Outreach: October - Depression

    Hey, everyone! Because this month's Outreach theme is depression, I've decided to write a blog entry on my experiences with the feeling. The state of mind isn't something I or anybody enjoys having, but reflecting on it strangely makes me feel better because I discover how much I've come along (though I still get depressed from time to time).

    To start off, I'm a sixteen-year-old guy, and as you may know, teenagers have tricky hormones. xD I sometimes get annoyed at my peers (and myself ...
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  3. Blargh

    I am sick of people (including myself). I would go to sleep and wake up feeling better, but I actually want to go to bed at a regular time tonight, so...yeah, I'll just rage here instead.

    Nothing terrible even happened to me today. I'm just too easily annoyed or something. I am ready to not be a teenager with fucked up hormones (though I don't really know if those ever go away...).

    I'm going to drown my sorrows in music now. Please excuse my whining. xD

  4. Minnesota

    I'm heading to Minnesota tomorrow for a music camp and won't be back until Sunday. I'm gonna miss you guyzzz. See y'all later!

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  5. It's been a while...

    ...since I blogged. Hello fellow Bulbagardeners!

    I just wanted to share with you all a song that is making me extremely content with life at the moment.

    "Broken Wings" by Flyleaf

    Makes me grateful for my friends.

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