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  1. Happy Easter

    Late in the day to say this, I know. But still, all you Christians out there, have fun eating excessive amounts of chocolate and praising Christ the savior. Those who aren't Christian... eat the chocolate anyways and don't get offended when someone wishes God's grace upon you, okay? :P
  2. Regarding the Super Smash Bros Poll

    There is only one correct answer.
  3. What Should I do for YouTube?

    Alright, it has been a long time since I have last made a blog post, so... Sup?
    Anyways, I doubt you follow my YouTube Channel, and I don't blame you. After all, I am *POKEFAN* gaming, but I have yet to upload a single Pokemon video... But that is not what I am here for.
    I am here to ask you: What Should I do Next?
    I have several videos to make, ranging from FP Thermal Base, to Cave Story, and so forth. My options are as following:
    • Continue the Freedom Planet Lilac

    Updated 6th April 2015 at 02:27 PM by PokefanGaming

  4. Caeda (FE) for Smash Bros Poll

    I've wondered why Caeda wasn't bought into Smash Bros earlier. I know Marth was brought into Smash as the overall Fire Emblem representative since Melee. Caeda too is one of the most representative characters in the whole of FE:
    - Her survival/death brings changes to Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem's epilogues.
    - The fact that she was going to be married to Marth was officially confirmed. In other words she is majorly tied to the story already.
    - She's already got her ...
  5. Treatment of the 3rd Mascot...

    Ever since Ruby and Sapphire, we've traditionally gotten that one Pokemon in the post-game who seems obscure, but later becomes a focal point for the generation. Rayquaza, Giratina, Kyurem, and now Zygarde. Although the way that ORAS handled Hoenn's weather trio raises a pretty cool possibility IMO...You focus on the box legend during the main game, and then that 3rd mascot receives a fully dedicated post-game storyline. This gives all 3 of them their own spotlight in the same game(s). I actually ...
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