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i was bored

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i'm bored right now so i'm gonna list some ships and say if i believe they are canon or not.

appealshipping: one-sided on zoey's side

altoshipping:one-sided on latias' side

advacneshipping: one-sided canon on may's side

cafemochashipping:one-sided on dento's side(lol harley/dento ftw)

contestshipping:one-sided on drew's side

cookieshipping:one-sided on harley's side(i personally think harley's unevenly bisexual, and prefer guys mostly but he seems like he has a crush on may)

curtainshipping:plausible, reggie and maylene's relationship seems like a will they or won't they situation

egoshipping:non-canon since it has no evidence

ikarishipping:one-sided canon on dawn's side

negaishipping: one-sided on iris's side

orangeshipping: plausible

questshipping:one-sided on marina's side

palletshipping:unsure since gary may or may not have a crush on ash, ash definately doesn't crush on gary

pearlshipping-non-canon since it has no evidence

penguinshipping-one sided on kenny's side

pokeshipping-one sided canon on misty's side

rocketshipping-canon, although i believe that james is bisexual

wishfulshipping-non-canon since it has no evidence

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  1. Ranger Jack Walker's Avatar
    some one has too much time lol


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