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It has begun.

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Research Journal, 6/20/11
BMGF is going to hell.

It started with Rayne and a few other people, blabbing on about how interesting and creatives this new ponies thing was.

More and more people began to take interest. A research team was formed, consisting of Mintaka and me. As we worked long feverish hours, our health took a turn for worse. Then, the worst possible thing happened. While Researching, Mintaka contracted a stage 2 virus. It was incurable and I had to deposit her in a far enough place from the lab to be safe.

Unfortunately, as I was driving her the minimum of 10 miles away, she somehow infected me. Now in my last moments of being a conscious being I have a few final words for any survivors who happen to find this. \

Pinkie Pie promise me that you avoid the Bronies, because remember: the end is neigh.

End Of Transmisson

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  1. SharKing's Avatar
    Hey, the "incurable" lickies are dead now. Ponies will die, too.
  2. Sarcastically Insane's Avatar
    I don't have that big a problem with the ponies, especially compared to the lickies, because most of them are at least different and not animated.
  3. Pariah's Avatar
    Im here to exterminate them ponies >:)
  4. Synthesis's Avatar
    Freaking ponies.
  5. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    I shall exterminate all ponies with the power of my Blue Eyes White Dragon Reshiram.
  6. PokemonHero's Avatar
    Confound those ponies! They drive me to drink!
  7. Gligar13's Avatar
    I need to do this to the ponies:

  8. AlexandraTheZoroark's Avatar
    I'm infected with the pony virus myself, but I don't show it. That's me for yah.
  9. Mijzelffan's Avatar
    I will never be cured of the pony virus, I will just find other interests as well, and then probably show them off instead of MLPFiM. Right now I'm more into Golden Sun than I am into MLPFiM for instance, but I just don't feel like showing it off.


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