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The appointment.

She said a bunch of things, compliments--she said that I was a very caring person, very honest, very thoughtful, articulate, bright--but she said I do have signs of depression and/or anxiety. I'm going to start seeing her every now and then, along with my school's psychologist if I can. She also said that if I don't make improvements over time, I'll be put onto some pills.

So...yeah. I'm okay as far as that--glad I don't have full depression or something like that, but still having signs worries me.

On a completely different subject...I'm trying out my first Nuzlocke ever. It's on Moemon FireRed Omega, and I almost already had a death (Reena ;-;). My rules on this will be really loose, since I'm pretty much just keeping the basic rules--catch only first Pokemon on route, no second chances unless shiny; if a Pokemon faints, release it (I'll be permaboxing them); nickname all Pokemon (I already do that); and so on. I can use healing items, held items, the Pokemon Center...

I hope I don't get too many deaths. ;-;

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  1. TheCapsFan's Avatar
    Well, it's good you aren't fully depressed...
  2. Niji's Avatar
    I hope you feel better soon. Try to fight your feelings of depression, and remember that you are strong and there's a bright future for you if you pull through.


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