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Possible Solution?

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by , 15th November 2012 at 02:31 PM (317 Views)
So I said I was leaving, and I decided not to for certain reasons (even though this might destroy this tablet...). But...I won't be on here everyday. I might come on more if I need help with math homework LOL

I think I'll come on once or twice every few days for a reasonable amount of time...and by reasonable, I mean till like one am so I can talk to certain people who live in ths US.

And, on a totally different subject, about the US...I believe I'm moving back there in a year or two. Hopefully I'll know German before then, 'cause I'm taking German classes in school (my mom's side speaks only German and French, so I sorta have to take it...and, it gives me HS credit, so it's all good.).

And since my grades are absolutely horrendous, I need to spend less time on here to raise them. :3 Why are they so bad, you may ask? Simple. I have a very bad habit of not turning in my work or losing it because I'm not an organized person...at all. If I don't bring them up, I can't have recess or eat in the cafeteria for the rst of the year and I won't pass. Additionally, my mom said I might be able to dye at least my bangs blue if I raise my grades and keep 'em that way~ And I really do want to go to high school so I don't have to wear this dumbass unifirm anymore. D: Bunch of reasons to get off my lazy ass and do my homework~!

Coming back to the subject of staying here...in addition to staying here, I'll try to post more. :3

Well, that's all. Also, I'll make sure I get my White 2 FC and give it to you all once I beat the game.


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    Yay, welcome back! ^^ And good luck with school!
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