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Merry Christmas, Bulba-Humans.

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Woulda posted this earlier, but I had lost my charger. XD

So! Everyone! Whether I know you or not, or if you're some creeper lurking around here! Merry Christmas~

Special shotouts:

@TheCapsFan ; I wanted to spend my Christmas with you, but you live in DC and I live in Germany. D:

@Pokemoll ; Durifyeifbuwo I would have loved to see you for Christmas, too~!

@Camila ; ...I would have liked to spent it with you, too. >:(

@Mikado ; Y U NO ACTIVE. I also wanted to see you. :c

...Let's just say I wanted to see everyone for Christmas. I love all ya dipshits guys dearly, and I hope you got what you wanted~

Speakin of presents, I got...two Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time comic books, hair ties, three new charms for my bracelet, a charm necklace with one charm, a Playstation 3, Last Rebellion for PS3, BlazBlue for PS3, this weird rated M game (o.o) for PS3, KH Re:Coded for DS, a yellow Angry Bird light, Tassimo chai tea packet, and I belive that's all.

What'd you guys get? :3

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  1. Bishie Karis-chan's Avatar
    I got a tablet, a MicroTouch, some clothes, some Pokémon cards, a tactical flashlight, two boxes of tea, and some other minor things. ^^
  2. TheCapsFan's Avatar
    Wow, I got a couple games and a new Kindle! And some gag gifts. :P
  3. Niji's Avatar
    What about the Bulba-Non-Humans?! We've got rights too.
  4. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    Merry Christmas, I got a phone( iPhone), clothes and other little gifty things.
  5. Frühling's Avatar
    I got a Kindle Fire and an acoustic guitar~ Merry Christmas to you too! x3


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