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  1. Possible Solution?

    So I said I was leaving, and I decided not to for certain reasons (even though this might destroy this tablet...). But...I won't be on here everyday. I might come on more if I need help with math homework LOL

    I think I'll come on once or twice every few days for a reasonable amount of time...and by reasonable, I mean till like one am so I can talk to certain people who live in ths US.

    And, on a totally different subject, about the US...I believe I'm moving back there ...
  2. Farewell...for now...

    First off, I'm sorry for being the world's biggest douchebag. I've done so many terrible things...lied...broke promises...abandoned people...

    I don't deserve any forgiveness, and I'm not expecting you to accept my apologies.

    As for why I left...quite a few reasons, some of them being time, lack of computer (though I do have this tablet), and the fact that every electronic I break, I screw up (two laptops, mom's mac, mom's iPad, my iPod, and even this tablet that I'm ...

    Updated 14th November 2012 at 01:08 PM by Aetheria

  3. Chocolate cake for everyone!

    This gal is now an eighth grader and a teenager~

    So here's some chocolate cake. *places boxes on table and opens them*
    Free chocolate cake.
  4. Well, I found this image...

    First four words you see describes you.

    I got peaceful, naive, loyal, and genuine. o___o Not sure if that really describes me, but...
  5. Fuck.

    I....accidentally put "feel the silence." as my username instead of as my usertitle... >.> I was refreshing over and over cause of an error on here and I look at the tab and it says "feel the silence. profile" and i'm like FUUUUUUUCK.


    I really wanted to keep Alice!, but i guess I can deal with this for now. It isn't that bad of a username... xD
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