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  1. Fuck Yes.

    by , 16th December 2010 at 03:19 AM (Moonlit Asylum)
    I commence myself Ruler Of The World. Maybe the first female duo-citizen one. Chocolate for all, and there are no laws- except no Justin Bieber, no Hannah Montana, no Jonas Brothers, and all that garbage.
    Heres a beer. :D
  2. People don't know the band Flyleaf..?!?!?!?! +More random stuff

    by , 16th December 2010 at 01:53 AM (Moonlit Asylum)
    I had gone around asking people if they knew of a band called Flyleaf, and if they liked it. About a good percent of 99.9% came up as "NO." Basically only me and my friend,plus my her brother. That was a few months ago.
    Then, (recently) I slept over her house and me, her, her brother, and her dad had this whole conversational thing about rock and metal music. I had told her dad that no one at my school knew about Flyleaf. And he said that it's because they only have 1 or 2 full ...
  3. Bad Comments on Natalie of Cascada!?!?! >:O

    by , 15th December 2010 at 08:30 PM (Moonlit Asylum)
    They're saying horrible stuff about Natalie Horler of Cascada on YouTube!! I've notcied they're about being fat; and I saw a comment that was bad on her because of Justin Bieber. Well, who gives a damn what Justin Bieber thinks!! Natalie Horler is an amazing singer and NOT fat. Just because her waists don't curve in (They don't even show- she sort of wears dresses that are baggy around her waist) doesn't mean she's fat. >:F
  4. I got my first Pokemon thing besides cards and games!! :D

    by , 14th December 2010 at 06:45 PM (Moonlit Asylum)
    Yayz~~~!!!I went tp the mall as a field trip today!! Except, the mall where I live is unfortunatley a mall that doesn't even have 2 storys. -_-" But I went to Hot Topic for the first time in my life~ (Don't get me wrong, I've always wanted to go there. :3) And I saw a Pokemon shirt in the window. After my friend finally released me and let me leave Claire's, I ran straight to Hot Topic and took the shirt out of the cube, and got out my money and counted. Then my friend was like, "Can you ...
  5. Aunt Peggy died.........

    by , 11th December 2010 at 11:50 PM (Moonlit Asylum)
    She died a while ago due to cancer of the reproductive area. She was my Uncle David's sister, and she died......Of course, it was quite a bit ago, but still..She's dead and in a better place then she was. :)
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