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  1. My sister's a...erm....L U N A T I C .

    ... My sister's WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just a few minutes ago she was eating noodles and daydreamed about Justin Beiber < Insert vomit!
    Then she grabbed 2 noodles and put them on top of each other. Then, she said "The bottom one is Justin Beiber and the top one is me!" Then she moved the noodles on top of each other like worms and made kissing sounds. I stared at her like she'd suddenly turned into an ogre with 6 arms. She kept doing these random situations with noodles. ...

    Updated 2nd January 2011 at 08:21 PM by Aetheria

  2. NOT a good experience!!! D<

    D<<<<<<<<<< ARGH!!!
    I was running around in my grandparents backyard about 10-15 minutes ago, chasing my two dogs and playing with my little brother. Then I ran around the tree, trying to get the dogs' attention. And so Phineas (the male dog) started running at me. Then I ran around the tree as fast as I could (which is no faster than 5 year old kid- my shins, knees, hips, feet and so on start aching when I run. Plus, I've got a problem with my chest D<) and ...
  3. The Christmas Gift! Game

    I made an RP in the start-up section. :3 I just want to put it into a blog so I can get more people to join faster.
    There are 15 mods and and 15 users in The Christmas Gift! Game. There is a "war" between them on Christmas. The story of it and other stuff about the The Christmas Gift! Game is on the thread I posted it on. :3
  4. ☼~ For the Flannery Fans~☼

    Hiya. This is just like my Kami pic blogs, except I'm doing this with Flannery right now.
    Oh, and, I don't have much Flannery pics....So, um...sorry. :3
    Here goes.:

  5. "My Family Told Me...."

    My family told me I could fly. And I did, but I suffered a shock from an electric gate that was on full power.

    My family told me I was Wonder Woman. And I was, but suffered getting a deep cut from a glass table and wound up getting stitches.

    My family told me I could walk through walls. I did, but suffered a big bruise on my forehead.

    My brother told me I could win any fight. And I did. I had gone to school the next day and got into a fight with the school's ...
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