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  1. Death follows me everywhere... >.<

    It srsly does. Whether true death of a person or animal, suicidal thoughts, etc. IT FOLLOWS ME DX

    Okay, so I was almost to my house. I was on the sidewalk and see a bunch of feathers, and think, 'WTF?' and look over to the side...To see a dead bird. Its eyes were poked out and it looked like someone had taken a chunk out of the side of it's body/wing... DX And then I walk a bit up and see more feathers and look to the side again. Another dead bird with NO EYES.

    Outside Life/Life
  2. What does it mean...

    When you want to be hit by a car and get injured? I felt that while I was walking home. -shrugs-
  3. Germany looks better than this crappy spot!

    It really does.

    The school that is for K-8th looks much nicer than my current, 50-year-old supposedly haunted* school. And, I love architecture-- surprise, surprise, Europe has many fantastic churches with stained glass and gothic styles! Which I love! I love architecture <3

    If we do move to where we are, which is something I will not give out in this blog--for the fear of certain people knowing where I'll live-- it'll be off-post.... And, when I get out of middle ...
  4. -Update-

    Looks like I'm staying for now. I've calmed down.

    ....Now, I'm probably going to get some comments telling em never to do that again and that 'Oh, i knew you weren't gonna leave!' .... -_-
  5. Sorry.

    I'm sorry for what I did.
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