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Fuck homework...and it goes on....

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Really-what middelscholer needs homework?I hate it honestly.Its stupid and worthless and wastes my time.Grades=wtf.I got a 25/50 Grade on a Math quiz the other day...And I hate Mathematics.I'm now in Algebra (good thing I like it....).The worst things about my school are homework,P.E first thing after lunch for me,etc.Homework is retareded.Unecessary.And a butt-load.It hurts my fucking back when I lug around my chain [Backpack].I don't want to end up like my mom with a fucked up back-habing to get shots in my back,getting nerve damage,etc.Ok....I guess I end my raant for now....since I went WAY off topic....

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  1. Dr. GM's Avatar
    Ouch... Sorry...

    ...sooner or later you'll see why they give homework. I found out the hard way. O_O'
  2. Aetheria's Avatar
  3. White Len's Avatar
    You can find your strengths and weaknesses when you do homework. That way you don't have to wait till your examinations to fail.
  4. Mako's Avatar
    The majority of middle school homework is just busy work that serves no real purpose.

    It's when you get to high school that homework really starts to become significant.
  5. ChinYao's Avatar
    ... retarded. With spaces after punctuation.

    Half the time, in middle school, you only wind up with homework because you goofed off during class. And, you usually get the work because because people weren't listening during class and the teacher got annoyed. So, busy work.
  6. Yuuki Asuna's Avatar
    Gee...that looks pretty hard!!!

    Good thing I'm only on vacation in U.S.A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. The Outrage's Avatar
    In younger years, there's no such thing as homework, just school work you didn't finish.
  8. Blaah's Avatar
    Haha I used to think about homework like that when I was your age... Now I get real homework now I'm at university, lol :p
  9. Aetheria's Avatar
    Yeah....I hate math :( But LOVE reading~~!!!!^^


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