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by , 20th September 2011 at 09:53 PM (292 Views)
Like I've said a bajillion times, I'm moving to Germany. I currently live in Arizona, so I'd have to take a plane. I've always loved airplanes, even though I have a fear of heights...

But it's different this time. I read....something someone said about me, about not caring if my airplane fell into the ocean along the way. And that honestly scared me to death. I think about me and my family, and keep having nightmares about every one in my family dying but me. It's scary, and now I'm scared to get on the airplane for the fear that something weird could happen--or that the person will somehow make the airplane crash and kill me, my mom, my dad, my 7 year old sister, and 5 year old brother and all the passangers-- so much that's its been eating away at me.

I live in fear...

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  1. Dr. GM's Avatar
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    Try to see the glass as half-full instead. It'll help.
  2. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
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    Sometimes people say crazy things but you cant let that scare you. It'll be fine. Nothing bad is gonna happen to you, Lenax.
  3. RaccoonGoon's Avatar
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    Man up and do it.

    You're more likely to get killed in a car than a plane.
  4. Aetheria's Avatar
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    @RaccoonGoon: I'm paranoid (not an excuse) and I think of the worse situations and its hard to get me to think otherwise ;_; In other words, I am stubborn.

    @Shiny Celebi: Okay...

    @Dr. GM: Can't comprehend.
  5. RaccoonGoon's Avatar
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    Think about how nice you'll feel by beating your thoughts and the airplane when you set foot on solid ground alive.
  6. Laterose's Avatar
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    "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." And nothing negative anyone says about you will kill you, or make your plane crash, that's just silly. Anyone who says thing like that to someone else is a jerk, hands down. Get on that plane and prove them wrong. >:D

    In other news, you're a fellow (soon-to-be) ex-Arizonan! I just moved out of there like three months ago. Germany sounds like it will be awesome.


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