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  1. well

    i have been gone quite a while

    ((no i'm not promising i'm staying here))

    shit has happened and i'm sure shit has happened to you all too

    hello to everyone and maybe goodbye again

    edit: You may find me here: http://blind-apocalypse.tumblr.com/

    Updated 13th March 2013 at 04:13 PM by Aetheria

  2. So...

    The appointment.

    She said a bunch of things, compliments--she said that I was a very caring person, very honest, very thoughtful, articulate, bright--but she said I do have signs of depression and/or anxiety. I'm going to start seeing her every now and then, along with my school's psychologist if I can. She also said that if I don't make improvements over time, I'll be put onto some pills.

    So...yeah. I'm okay as far as that--glad I don't have full depression or something ...
  3. Tomorrow...

    My appointment...

    I'm scared and I'm worried. What if all those feelings were just made up...? I mean, I have wanted and nearly tried to kill myself, but...still...I'm really afraid.

    On the bright side...I found two true friends. I was sitting on the bus, crying silently, and Celene came up next to me and hugged me and told me I can always go talk to her...and Robert said they both cared, seeing as they were there to help me.

    ...Still scared and ...
  4. Musik

    Since it is 2013, and I have been listening to the same songs from the same bands (TDG, Paramore, some Breaking Benjamin, etc), I'd like some new bands to listen to. I'm considering trying out Thousand Foot Krutch (every song I've heard by them so far I love) and possibly Death Cab for Cutie. Don't care if the band is broken up or still together, I'd just like something new to listen to.

    So if you have a sugestion, I'd like if you share it with me. I prefer stuff around the alternative-punk ...
  5. Collection of stufffff


    [X] the dark
    [ ] staying single forever
    [X] being a parent
    [x] giving birth
    [ ] open spaces
    [X] closed spaces
    [x] heights
    [ ] dogs
    [ ] birds (*shudders* Owls...just...owls.)
    [ ] fish
    [x] spiders
    [ ] flowers or other plants
    [ ] being touched )
    [ ] fire
    [X] deep water
    [ ] silk
    [X] the ocean (If I'm far out enough)
    [x] failure
    [ ] ...
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