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After SoulSilver Part 1

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What exactly do people do after they finish SoulSilver?Talk to Mom and tell her so stop wasting money?Fight with other players?Travel to Kanto?Well,to me, I do random things.Very random.

-I discovered something at the top of Mt.Silver-some idiot standing on the edge.I walked up to him and he just stood there in the blizzard like it was nothing.I pressed A and he turned around,said nothing, and started to battle me.I now know who the idiot was (I didn't know at first until I read Pokemon Adventures/Special).He was Red.And man,was that guy tough.I nearly beat him but,thanks to hail (mostly),he defeats me and I curse.Yeah,I haven't beaten Red yet,but I plan too.Number one on My List of To Do.
-Kanto is awesome-I never really remember the Kanto episodes of Pokemon and I never have played or had a Pokemon GameBoy Game.Anyways,I love going to Kanto.I came in to the port, casual and excited.I loved the view already.On the boat,I had had to find a little girl who though she was a master at hide n' seek.I had to battle quite a few fat sailors along the way.One accused me of saying he was sleeping when he was sleeping.I had to battle him.Going on,after the boat trip,I basically roamed around,doing boring stuff that I really should not mention.I walk to Saffron City,amazed at how it looks,yet annoyed by a girl nicknamed 'Copy Cat'.I met the Gym Leader,Sabrina,battled her,and won on my first try.The only Gym Leader or Pokemon League people (In SS) I had to try 2 times to defeat were Blue and Clair.Lance was a piece of cake,so was The Elite Four.I officially liked Kanto now ^U^~~!!!!
-Trying to get Pewter City-that took me who knows how long.It certainly took me quite a few hours before I realized my dumbness and put on PokeFlute music to wake up the Snorlax blocking my way of Diglett's Cave.
-Lavender Town was pretty and small,but certainly sad.Poor Pokemon....I hate that they put Graveyards in Pokemon games.This spot appears in Pokemon Adventures too.

End of Part 1

Don't ramble on about how boring it was,I GET IT!!!!! :P

My Team:

Ash the Typhlosion
Crystal the Suicune
Lugia the Lugia
Farma the Nidoqueen
Gyrados the Gyrados
John the Eevee

It is boring,I know.But don't ramble on about it,I have enough torment from school. -_-"

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  1. Ryuutakeshi's Avatar
    Oh it wasn't boring. It's nice to read the insights of people who haven't quite uncovered all the secrets of the games. Me having been there when HGSS was in pre-release mode, knew EVERYTHING by the english release.
  2. Aetheria's Avatar
    Oh,wow-thats cool!And thanks for saying its not boring ^^
  3. Ryuutakeshi's Avatar
    However, just one thing. Red on Mt. Silver is not Red from the Manga. In fact, Red from the manga is based on Red on Mt. Silver, as Red is the player character of RBGYFRLG.
  4. Der_Neuevenmenschen's Avatar
    The weirdo at Mt. Silver is Ash Ketchum/Red.
  5. Aetheria's Avatar
    He's Red.I've challenged him a lot.


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