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Athena Blade

The Beggining of A Pokemon Journey

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by , 26th July 2010 at 05:48 PM (418 Views)
Moonlight opened her eyes to find her moms purugly on top of her stomach. "Get
off me fatty!" Moonlight cried out trying to breathe. Purugly hissed at Moonlight. "Oh wanna go, miss sassy" Moonlight growled right back. Purugly jumped off. That's what i thought, Moonlight thought to herself. She got up and looked at her clock. "Oh my God!!!!!!! I'm gonna be late!!!" Moonlight screamed.

She zoomed into the shower, got on some cloths (nothing girly), shoes and went downstairs. "Mom! Dad! I'm going to
Prof. Gary's Lab! I'll be back after I get my pokemon! Love ya!" Moonlight called out as she ran out. Ash Ketchum sighed as he saw his daughter run out.
"She acts like how I used to..." Misty,
Ash's wife, giggled,"But she looks like the moon."

Meanwhile, a boy named Leon was on his way to Prof. Gary's lab. His parents were Brock and Jazmin. He looked like his dad but he had green eyes, and they
were open. Leon was hoping to fight gym leaders and be a pokemon breeder. As he
was going up the hill to the lab a girl with white short hair crashed into him.

Mooonlight crashed into some deep tan
kid. They both fell to the ground with an "Ack!" Moonlight got up and shook her head around. Then she said to the guy," Hey, you ok? Sorry for running into you." Leon got up and replied,"Yeah
but next time don't knock me down." Moonlight laughed out loud, her white
eyes twinkling. "Hey wait a second! Your
Ash Ketchums kid! I'm Leon, Brock the gym leaders kid!" Leon said excitedly.

As the two of them got in the lab they
were already great friends. Gary looked up and saw the pair. "Hey Moonlight, you
finally showed up. I was about to go out and find you myself." Moonlight just
put her arms behind her head and laughed.

The End. Til next time. comment plz

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  1. Flaze's Avatar
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    You need more description, like how Moonlight and Leon look like as well as Ash and Misty (they are older than in the anime so it needs some description) It was also short and a bit rushed. Also it reminds me of the first chapter of one of my fics.
  2. Athena Blade's Avatar
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    yeah well my sister was throwing one of her temper tantrums so i had to hurry and finish it up... and
    sorry about that! i want Moonlight to act like how her dad did. ill try harder next time!


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