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  1. Just Wanting To Say Good Bye

    by , 16th September 2012 at 03:18 AM
    Dear Bulbagarden Residents and Dear Friends,

    This is my good bye letter. I have been grounded off of this site. I will miss everyone. I have wonderful memories here. When I am free you will see me again. Until then, it is sweet sorrow to bid farewell to the people I love. If you knew me please never fear I will remember my password, always. If you didn't know me I wish we had. This is where I learned I love making stories. This is where most of my friends were. I know, though, that ...
  2. A small Poem... I only put it on the blog cause I'm dumb.

    by , 3rd December 2011 at 12:37 PM
    Title says it all. It's a poem that I wrote and people like it so I thought I'd post it.

    If all you know of is pain, you will know true happiness.
    If all you have been given is hate, you will know true love.
    If you have been a coward, you will know true courage.
    If you have been betrayed, you will know true loyalty.
    Of all of these, you will never forgive for fear of being let down once more from that special someone.
    You have to ask yourself this: ...
  3. I'm sorta back... Did anyone miss me?

    by , 24th April 2011 at 05:13 AM
    Hey guys I want you to know that I'm back and also not back... You see I'm only able to get on here because I'm in a Wi-Fi area.. But I have to say I missed this crazy place... Seeing everything again, even for a short while, makes me happy... By the way, did any of you miss meh? Lolz..
  4. The Beggining of A Pokemon Journey

    by , 26th July 2010 at 05:48 PM
    Moonlight opened her eyes to find her moms purugly on top of her stomach. "Get
    off me fatty!" Moonlight cried out trying to breathe. Purugly hissed at Moonlight. "Oh wanna go, miss sassy" Moonlight growled right back. Purugly jumped off. That's what i thought, Moonlight thought to herself. She got up and looked at her clock. "Oh my God!!!!!!! I'm gonna be late!!!" Moonlight screamed.

    She zoomed into the shower, got on some cloths (nothing girly), ...